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All new hire packets will need the employee manual printed up for the employee if they would like OR they can download the digital copy from this page.

Please fill out all information on the select packet and submit it to the County Clerk’s Office. We need the following upon the first day of a new hire:

MO W-4

FED W-4 (2018)

Form I-9

Driver’s License Copy

Social Security or Birth Certificate Copy

Direct Deposit Agreement with attached deposit slip or voided check.

Employee Emergency Information

The rest of the forms need to be turned in within 5 business days of employment.


Administrators please submit an Osage County Personnel Transaction Form with the new hire packets if you have not done so prior to new hire.


Employee Benefit Contacts

2019 Calendar County Bill and Timesheet Schedule

Reimbursement Form

CERF Portal

COX Health Enrollment (If waive fill out section A and sign bottom back) (If elect fill out all)


Vision Member Benefit Summary- Base Plan

Vision Member Benefit Summary- Buy Up Plan

Vision Missouri Directory

Vision Enrollment Form

CERF 401(a) Highlights 03/08/17

CERF 457 Highlights 03/08/17

CERF 401 (a) Distribution Options 04/21/17

CERF 457 Distribution Options 04/21/17

Procurement Procedure

MAC Worker's Compensation Info and Forms

MOPERM Insurance Info and Forms

Tax Exempt Letter

If you have any questions in regards to employee information or forms please contact Nicci Bouse at 573-897-2497 Ext. 111

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